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I’m proud to offer vegan
and naturally based haircare.


Consultations required for all new colour guests. Service lists+starting prices below.


A thoughtfully designed shape for your unique hair texture (wash+brush style included). Clippered haircuts available for very short hair. Wash included+rough blow dry (no brush styling)


Custom treatments to repair/maintain hair health.



In person consultation required for all new colour guests. Virtual option available.

cut + style

A thoughtfully designed haircut for your unique personality


Custom treatments to prevent+repair damage and detox the hair.


This wonderful lady, Maricel Murphy, helped me learn to love my hair. It's always been difficult to manage but she gave me a wash-and-go cut that falls into place effortlessly!

Before she started cutting she sat down and listened to my concerns, needs, wants and let me show her the hair style pics I had collected on pinterest. Then she gave me a free olaplex treatment ($25 value) that really helped bring my hair back to life! My hair is visibly healthier and shinier. After all of this she then styled my hair and explained each step and each product as she applied them. But she didn't stop there. Before I left she went through each step again one by one making sure I knew how to do the style myself!
Sharry S.
via Yelp!

cut + Style

Additional charges may apply for longer/thicker hair.

Cut + Style 80+

Blow Out 50+

Buzzed Cut 55

Bangzz 15


Consultation (required for new guests) 0

Single Process 90-120+

Double Process 150-275+


Olaplex+deep conditioner 35+

Detox+deep conditioner 35+

monat - olaplex - malibu C

monat - olaplex -
malibu C

Vegan, plant based, gluten free haircare options with Monat.

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To view the selection of Monat products and to place orders, click HERE to go directly to my product page!

OLAPLEX Works to Repair Broken Bonds

OLAPLEX Works to Repair Broken Bonds

The patented active (vegan) chemistry works on a molecular level. Bis-amino diglycol dimaleate, a single molecule, dramatically improves the hair strength, protects from within, and provides immediate results for all hair types.  Click HERE to learn more! 

Contact me for Olaplex pick-up orders!

Inferior products sold cheaply at most retailers contain cheap ingredients that don’t have any beneficial nutrients for the hair. It may feel soft and shiny but in reality it is the wax/silicone coating caused by the ingredient PVC and other inferior ingredients. It’s like comparing fast food to a plant based diet! 

These products offer zero nutrition for the hair and over time will build up on your hair causing it to look dull, heavy and lifeless!  The solution is to find a trusted educated stylist that cares about your hair (me) to help guide you on a hair wellness journey with superior products for your home regimen. This benefits you by keeping your hair in a healthy state, helps colour last longer, so less visits to the salon for treatments and cuts! Think “preventative care” for your hair! 
As far as “salon” products sold in stores, there are a handful of companies that go public but to do so they change their ingredients to cheaper ones to lessen the cost to be sold cheaply. Others are “diverted” meaning sold without consent from the company.
What that means for you is there’s no way to tell how fresh the product is. Old products turn acidic and dry the hair, not to mention the likelihood of bacteria forming inside of old bottles EWWW! Also, FYI, the companies won’t guarantee their products if purchased by a non-licensed establishment. Also, you are actually paying more. It’s a lose-lose.  Plus, how do you know what your hair needs? Please trust and ask your stylist.

You use styling products to achieve a certain look or style but you may also be using styling products to add shine or pump up the volume of dull, lifeless hair.  The more styling products you use, the more weighed down your hair becomes due to the resins building up that your shampoo isn’t removing. It becomes a vicious cycle you can’t seem to break.

You can undo the goo and also get to the root of the underlying issue to prevent dull, lifeless hair Hard water can cause drying, dulling mineral buildup that product resins attach to. Soft or softened water can make hair limp, and using more styling products only leads to more product buildup.

  • Detoxify hair by removing resins from styling products with a gentle sulfate-free shampoo that is much gentler than traditional clarifying shampoos
  • Restore vital shine,  silky softness, natural volume, and maximum manageability
  • Rebuild hair with plant-derived, moisture-boosting proteins

Styling products are great for style but they shouldn’t weigh your hair down. With Malibu C, they don’t have to!

MALIBU C sulfate free haircare+skin and wellness solutions

Malibu C is committed to researching, developing and manufacturing earth-friendly wellness products. This means reducing our water footprint, using PET recyclable bottles and 100% vegan, plant-derived ingredients. The less water, energy and other natural resources we use, the better.


Hey friends , thanks for visiting! Ive been in the beauty industry for 25 years. I got my start in San Francisco California and surrounding areas  back in 1998! I apprenticed under Master stylist and colourist Anthony K. Trent and worked my way up the ranks of jr. stylist to Senior stylist in my first 10 years. 

I don’t like to call myself a master at anything, as I believe in constantly learning and growing in my career and life! I’d rather see myself as a lifelong student. 

That being said, after relocating to San Diego, I apprenticed again under four more amazing Master stylists in the San diego area. I learned so much from these talented caring people whom I’ll forever be grateful to!

I constantly seek out classes to evolve and grow as a haircutter and colourist, and love learning new techniques that I can take into the salon – I work with all types of hair! Since having my boys who have such different curly textures, I have sought to learn how to work with different curly textures, and I’m having so much fun doing it!

In recent years, I have really enjoyed studying chemistry in regards to hair. There are so many interesting things I have learned and love sharing with my guests! I am also studying trichology (the science of hair) and bring all I am learning to help my guests achieve the healthiest hair possible. It’s just the best! 

I enjoy meeting people from different paths in life, and learning about them and making these connections is EVERYTHING! I often think about how lucky I am to know such amazing people, and I know that it never would’ve have happened had I not chosen this career. 

Thanks for visiting and reading about me! I cant wait to meet you! 


Conversations with
maricel murphy

Today we’d like to introduce you to Maricel Murphy.

Hi Maricel, it’s an honor to have you on the platform. Thanks for taking the time to share your story with us – to start, maybe you can share some of your backstories with our readers?

I started my career in the San Francisco Bay area. I worked my way up from assistant to master stylist in my first 10 years. 

I have always loved Learning and becoming a better stylist, so I enrolled in many advanced cutting and coloring classes over my 25-year career. MORE ->


Q: Why do I need a consultation before booking a colour appointment if I am a new client?

A: Consultations provide the opportunity for us to collaborate. Our time together will be spent evaluating the health of your hair, assessing your colour/hair needs, (maintenance, time, and budget)

Q: What if I’m not happy with my hair?

A: GASP! hopefully we had a great consultation to avoid said unhappiness. But it happens sometimes, especially with a new stylist – it takes time to build that relationship. I give my clients a week for any adjustment they feel they need after a cut or color service, complimentary, of course!

Q: What if I want a service you don’t provide?

A: I’m happy to refer you out to one of my talented stylist friends that perform that service.

Q: Why doesn’t my hair look as good as when you do it?

A: I will teach you as many times as you need and offer product and hair tool suggestions to make your home hair-styling life easier! I’ve even had clients bring their tools in and have me show them! I got you!

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